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#1. How do you recognize a Norman cow?

A medium-sized cow, the Normande is decked out in characteristic “spectacles”, more precisely the colored spots that surround her eyes. Its dress has three colors: white, brown and almost black.

#2. Where is the Norman sausage made?

The correct answer is andouille de Vire

Andouille de Vire is a charcuterie made from pork stew cut into strips before being stuffed in part of the large intestine.

#3. What is the nickname of Livarot cheese?

The correct answer is “Colonel”

In the past, the sedges that surrounded the Livarots were used to maintain their cylindrical shape. Today, these 5 reed towers have become an essential physical feature of Livarot. They are also worth his nickname of Colonel reference to the rank.

#4. In the bay of Mont Saint Michel the sea can retreat up to 15km offshore?

This is wrong, 10 km is already enormous

The sea retreats at high speed over ten kilometres, but returns just as quickly. The expression devoted to “at Mont Saint-Michel the tide rises at the speed of a galloping horse”, taken up by the media and tourist guides for the general public, is wrongly attributed to Victor Hugo.

#5. What is Normandy's oldest dessert?

The correct answer is the teurgoule

The teurgoule cooked in the traditional dish. Teurgoule (sometimes called torgoule or tergoule) is a culinary specialty of Normandy. The enamelled sandstone terrine or beaked jug which is traditionally used for cooking

#6. On which Normandy beach did Canadian troops land in 1944?

The correct answer is Juno Beach

Juno Beach is the code name of one of the main Allied landing beaches in Normandy on June 6, 1944 during the Second World War. It extends over 8 km, between a point to the west located halfway between Courseulles-sur-Mer and the place called La Rivière, a hamlet east of Ver-sur-Mer and Saint-Aubin -sur-Mer to the east. It is bordered by Gold Beach to the west and Sword Beach to the east.

Its capture was assigned to the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division commanded by Major-General Rodney Keller, assisted by the Royal Canadian Navy and the British Royal Navy. The objectives of the 3rd Division were to cut the Caen-Bayeux road axis, capture the Carpiquet airfield and establish the junction with the British beaches of Gold Beach and Sword Beach.


#7. What does the Bayeux Tapestry represent?

The correct answer is Hastings

#8. Which animal is emblematic of Normandy?

Good answer : leopard

On the Norman flag are two yellow leopards on a red background.

But why leopards? Leopards in Normandy, admit that it is rather Funny.
To try to understand, you have to go back a few hundred years. Contrary to legend, it was not William the Conqueror who decided to use leopards on his coat of arms.

It was his descendants who used these leopards, even lions…but rather leopards. At that time it was not very clear. To put it simply, the head of the animal in front is a leopard, in profile it is a lion.
These animals obviously evoke strength, bravery and nobility, so consistent with the medieval ideal
These leopards, therefore, come from the oldest known coat of arms of the Plantagenets, in the 12th century.

It was Henri II Plantagenêt (1133-1189) who chose the coat of arms with two leopards. Henri’s son, Richard Cœur de lion, will add a 3rd leopard

#9. What does Norman mean?

The correct answer is north man

If the Normans are currently the inhabitants of Normandy, the term also historically refers to the inhabitants of the Duchy of Normandy.

In the past, the word Normans was used to describe the Vikings. This is why its etymology is explained by Frankish or Scandinavian and literally means “Men of the North”.

#10. In which place Jeanne d'Arc was burned alive?

The correct answer is Old Market Square

The reputation of the square is linked to the torture of Joan of Arc who was burned alive there on May 30, 1431. The place of public executions with the pillory and the firewall for the pyres was exhumed at the same time as the foundations of the Saint-Sauveur church during excavations carried out from 1970 to 1976.

#11. What is the name of the part of the Normandy coast that stretches from Asnelles to Ouistréham?

The correct answer is Côte de Nacre

The Côte de Nacre is the part of the Normandy coast located, in Calvados, between the mouth of the Seulles, at Courseulles-sur-Mer, and that of the Orne, at Ouistreham.


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