Experience D Day at the Ferme Manoir Saint Barthélemy

German soldiers occupied the Farm during the war: the Panzer Lehr-Division (190 tanks the Panthers). On the morning of June 9, 1944, harassed by British artillery, they reached the northern limit of Ellon when the withdrawal order arrived, “cease the attack on Bayeux.” The fighting for Tilly continued for around ten days and the losses will be very heavy.

La Ferme Manoir Saint Barthélemy offers on the occasion of D DAY:

The Ferme Manoir Saint Barthélemy is located 20 minutes from the D-Day beaches: Arromanches, Longues sur mer, Omaha Beach…

Patricia, who is originally from Vire Normandy, will be happy to tell you the history of Day at the Farm but also of the region. She can show you photos of the German occupation on the farm.

Patricia is a true ambassador of her region of birth: Normandy. In the morning at breakfast, she is there to guide you and give you the best advice on historic, cultural and tourist sites.

Upon your arrival, complete documentation will be at your disposal.

We can help you organize and book your excursions and guided tours

Free parking: the farm has land for your classic vehicles: cars, jeeps, trucks, motorcycles, etc.

To celebrate the anniversary of the landing, Patricia is offering a festive evening and a dinner at the table d’hôtes with a special D Day menu (in progress)

Bearer of these values which unite us, more than ever in the current international context, Normandy is a land of memory and history, where visitors from all over the world meet to discover and share the memory of those who worked for the peace and freedom.


At the FMSB, you will meet guests from all countries and all generations, offering you a unique opportunity to share with these people a common interest in history and peace.


Participating in the anniversary of the Normandy landings can be a meaningful and moving experience for several reasons.


Patricia and her hosts at Ferme Manoir Saint Barthélemy testify:

Tribute to Heroes:
“Celebrating this anniversary is an opportunity to pay tribute to the brave Allied soldiers who landed on the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944, marking the beginning of the end of the Second World War in Europe. “


Living History: “Participating in this event offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in history and experience a memorable moment that shaped the course of the world. “


Testimonials from Veterans: “Meeting World War II veterans present at the event allows you to gather valuable testimonies and understand the challenges and sacrifices they faced. “


International Community: “The anniversary of the landing attracts visitors from around the world, providing an opportunity to meet people who share a common interest in history and peace. “


Ceremonies and Commemorations: » Memorial ceremonies held during the event create a solemn and respectful time to honor those who lost their lives during the war. »


Museums and Exhibitions: » Taking advantage of the museums and special exhibitions organized to mark the anniversary offers an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the Second World War and its consequences. »


Education and Awareness: » Attending lectures, discussions and educational presentations allows you to deepen your knowledge of the events surrounding the landings and its implications. »


Spirit of Communion: »The event creates a feeling of communion and solidarity, bringing together people of different nationalities to commemorate a crucial historical moment. »


Impact on Peace: » Participating in such an event strengthens collective awareness of the importance of peace and conflict prevention, highlighting the devastating human consequences of war. »


Transmission to Future Generations: “Being present at this anniversary provides the opportunity to pass on the importance of history to future generations, ensuring that the lessons learned from the Second World War are not forgotten. “

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