Norman specialties

Dinner at the Table d’Hôtes

Brunch breakfast

Gourmet plate

Regional products

Since 2003, the Ferme Manoir Saint Barthélemy offers its family gastronomy with local products

– The Table d’hôtes: at dinner, you will taste the good homemade dishes of Patricia and their inimitable flavors. Normandy specialties cooked using the best recipes from the grandmothers of Normandy.

Table d’hôtes in the evening by reservation: €38 per meal, drinks included (aperitif, cider, wine, calvados) – €20 for children aged 3 to 12 (drinks included)

– The “brunched” breakfast included in the price of the rooms: coffee, tea, chocolate, fresh bread, brioche or croissant or pastries, Norman butter, homemade jams, local honey, fruit juices: apple, orange, homemade yogurts, fresh fruit, eggs, cheese, ham.

– Cold meals:

1- the gourmet plate: charcuterie platters cheese raw salad dessert cider: 24€

2-the picnic basket: 2 raw meat and cheese sandwich, salad, fruit, apple juice, water: €14

– Regional products:

1- Patricia’s selection: cider, perry, apple and pear juice, pommeau, calvados.

2- Good little addresses: restaurants, delicatessens,